Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little karma topples over

Last year I mentioned my little karma's delicate balance with lost and found money. Well, it seems karma has toppled, and I'm in the hole again.

I had enough cash (I think) in my pocket for a cab ride last night if it were raining, but fortunately it was clear, so decided to walk to the subway and use the cash to pick up dinner (who knew a "meet-up" at a bar scheduled for 6 to 9 pm would not include buffalo wings?).

Alas, by the time I checked my pocket on the subway platform, the cash was gone. Karma down.

But one of my colleagues this morning told me that our other co-worker had found my money after I left!! Karma rises!

But the finder of my lost money wasn't sure it was mine (even though she found it on the couch I'd been sitting on most of the evening). So she left it with the bartender. Karma swoons.

I suppose I could go back to the bar and try to claim the cash - a $20 and some ones and maybe a $5, or was that a $10. Sigh. Never mind.

Oh well. I'd gotten a free orange juice, and the young crowd there probably didn't know to leave tips. Thanks, barkeep.

Love, hosaa
back to hiding in my room, where karma can't find me.

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