Friday, August 5, 2011

Artificial Reality

The 10-block walk from home to office leaves my head open to many random ideas and reflections, which I sometimes think (probably erroneously) would make good blog posts. One reason that I don't bore people with too many of these trivial thoughts is that I don't remember them.

Anyway, I did think briefly about the two paintings in the lobby of my apartment building. In their last round of redecoration, our building's owners made the lobby look like a bank, with plush settees and marble (maybe)-topped little tables underneath big oil (maybe) paintings of the sort you find advertised on late night TV, with starving artists' work at wholesale prices to meet your decorating needs.

The painting on the left is a still life of flowers, and it hangs above a faux (probably)-marble table with a bouquet of artificial flowers. The painting on the right is a similar still life, with flowers but featuring two large urns or vases; it hangs over a table with two large urns or vases.

So I left my lobby observing fake art of real flowers accompanied by fake flowers, along with fake art of real vases accompanied by real vases of questionable value (though reflecting a banker's taste for high-class stuff).

I think I would have felt more comfortable with this arrangement if the real fake vases were parked under the fake real flowers painting and the real fake flowers were parked under the fake real vases painting.

But then I would have had nothing to confuse myself with for the (real) 10-block walk to work.

love, hosaa
really real

eta, I would have taken pictures, but I forgot. ;-)

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