Sunday, April 24, 2016

Levon, Taylor Hicks 4 -23-2016

A fun evening at Easton, Maryland's, historic Avalon Theatre last night, courtesy of the Claritin-D enabled (or disabled?) Taylor Hicks. He joked that Spring (and allergy season) was over in the South, but had only just sprung here in Maryland. "Trees, 1; Taylor, 0."

As a consequence, the soulfully growly voice was more strained than perhaps is usual, but Taylor and his accompanist Brian Less did a leisurely paced story-filled 90 minute set that ended with an encore, what became a signature cover of "Levon" during Taylor's American Idol career.

Standouts for me were the lonely-angsty love songs like "Six Strings Are Hard on Diamond Rings," "What's Right Is Right" ("what's wrong with you is what's wrong with me, and what's right is right"), and Taylor's own "Maybe You Should" ("If you can leave here tonight, baby maybe you should").

love, hosaa
a little angsty

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